How You Can Help

We appreciate and are excited by your interest in helping Mart Community Project. Below is a list of opportunities for involvement with MCP:

  • Tour of Mart: There are various ways to get involved with MCP. Many of these opportunities can be found in Mart itself, like the current clean-up project of the African-American Mart cemetery, the restoration and revitalization of Chambless Field through art, and much more. Because of the ongoing nature of these projects, we encourage you to visit Mart and meet those involved with MCP to better understand the needs of Mart and MCP. You will also be able to see how and why your efforts will benefit Mart. If you’d like the opportunity to tour Mart and see, first-hand, the progress of MCP and its positive effects on the community, contact Heidi Schmalbach at
  • Fund the Residence of Muhsana Ali and Her Family in Mart: Both Muhsana and Kane Sy are world renowned artists, contributors to MCP, and have inspired and continue to inspire the people in Mart through projects such as the Chambless Field and Pearl Street murals. They would love to reside in Mart and be able to continue their creative and uplifting efforts with MCP. Unfortunately, we currently lack the funds for their travel and living costs. Help the family help Mart by donating to MCP!
  • Mart Cemetery Clean-Up: An abandoned 19th century African-American cemetery resides on the property of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in Mart. MCP, with the help of UT students, has contributed to the beautification of this site. However, a great deal of work remains and MCP is pleased to host and assist anyone interested in contributing to this project. Help beautify Mart by donating your time to MCP!
  • Donate Treasures: View our wishlist to see if you have items that we can use. We also accept donations through Paypal. Click the Donate button at the bottom of our website to contribute quickly, easily, and securely.
  • And much more: While there are currently few ongoing projects in need of volunteers, many more are being developed and will soon be added to the list of opportunities provided. If you have your own ideas for future projects, don’t hesitate to contact us.
MCP appreciates any contribution, no matter how big or small. We thank all, in advance, for considering our organization and donating your time, talents, and/or treasures to MCP.


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