Education in Mart

The students from Mart ISD have been actively involved in MCP since its inauguration in 2010. All of the art programs that MCP initiates involve a collaboration with the school district in order to foster relationships between the students and MCP. In conjunction with Baylor’s Oral Histories Project, MCP involved Mart students with “(Re)Building Memory: The Chambless Field History Project.” Students were trained in how to collect oral histories from residents who shared their memories of Chambless Field. During the school year, Lynn Osgood, graduate student receiving her PhD in Community and Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin, instructed middle school students in a design workshop. Peter Hall, senior lecturer in the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin, taught a technology mapping class with Mart High students. He showed them how to create digital maps and together they mapped Chambless Field. Anne McNamee, graduate student in the Department of Theater and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin, worked with two high school drama classes, where they created poems and videos, and performed public shows. Sean McCarthy, collaborator on MCP, provided Mart teachers with technical assistance and training in digital media. Stephen Sloane, director of Oral History at Baylor University, has also provided Mart teachers with digital media training and held workshops about oral histories.

MCP started an exchange program in Spring 2011 with UT students in the Department of Art and Art History and Mart High students. The UT students were able to create a social support group for the Mart High students and provide them with a safe space where they could talk and build relationships. The high school students also visited UT  with the UT students as their guides. This overnight trip was funded by the Department of Art and Art History at UT. In many of our programs connected to the students, we strive to create a high level of reciprocity in this manner.

During the summer of 2011, MCP hosted a 3-1/2 week summer program that was open to students of all ages. Sean McCarthy taught digital media classes, Anne McNamee directed drama classes, and Muhsana Ali instructed on Senegalese glass painting, helped the students build a mosaic mural in the Mart High cafeteria, and put together an exhibit of all the art the students produced during the program. MCP also held a joint art exhibit with Mart High and the McLennan County State Juvenile Correctional Facility to stimulate relationships between the students and the incarcerated youth just outside of Mart.

Many of the materials and workshops that MCP is generating can also be used as teaching tools for Mart ISD in the future. This reuse of materials creates a high level of sustainability for MCP and ensures that their will be a greater involvement from citizens in the project for a long time to come.