Paula Gerstenblatt

Ms. Gerstenblatt is a professional artist, grant writer, and doctoral student in the School of Social Work at University of Texas at Austin. She has combined her passion for art and social change over the past twenty-five years. Ms. Gerstenblatt is currently co-instructor of the UT social work course that designated Mart as the site for student-community service projects beginning in September 2010.

She has traveled extensively, including Europe, the Middle East and most recently, Ghana, to paint and collaborate on research projects about slavery and the Black Atlanti. She also travelled to Senegal as a member of Portes et Passages and team teacher for graduate students in Architecture from the University of Michigan to implement the AIA Upjohn Research Grant to build a holistic art/community center in Joal.

Ms. Gerstenblatt is married to a member of the Davis family in Mart, Texas, and initiated the Davis Family Project in June of 2008 that was the catalyst for the (Re)Building Memory: Mart Black History Project, and grant writer and coordinator for subsequent
projects, including the Mart Community Project.

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