Muhsana Ali

Muhsana Ali is a Fulbright Scholar and Pew Fellowship recipient for her work in West Africa. She holds a BFA and MFA in art and art education. Ms. Ali was a co-investigator on an AIA Upjohn Research Grant with University of Michigan to build an art center in Joal, Senegal where Ms. Ali was one of the founding members of  Portes et Passage du Retour, a non profit association dedicated to holistic development in Africa.

In November 2009, the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work sponsored Muhsana to show her documentary on constructing an installation project with street youth in the Ivory Coast and give a lecture in Austin. Along with being a community arts practitioner, she is a multi-talented artist, including murals, painting, installation, and mosaic work to name a few of her mediums.

Ms. Ali came to Mart in July 2010 to work on the Mart Community Project as an artist and community art facilitator creating a mosaic mural with Mart residents, and will return in May 201 to continue her work as resident artist and instructor of art classes and developer of Mart Art Co-op.  She is married to fellow MCP leader, Amadou Kane Sy.

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