Current Projects

UT student working in the Smith property graveyard

We are currently focusing on the art and education aspects of community development. For example Jeanie Smith and her husband, both Mart citizens, recently uncovered part of an African-American grave site on their property with headstones dating back to the 1800s. We plan to clear the overgrown brush and beautify the graveyard in order to give it the respect is deserves and so that the citizens of Mart may rediscover this part of their town’s history.

 We are also revamping the concession stand at the historic Chambless Field into a display of community art using ordinary household items from citizens such as old window panes and garage sale artifacts. Furthermore, we are planning to revitalize Chambless Field into a free gathering space for Mart citizens. Additionally, we are shooting and collecting footage for a documentary about the rich history of Mart and MCP.

Concession stand before the mural project

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